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Health Club

This executive health and recreational center is a private club equipped with both exercise equipment and recreational facilities. It provides exercise machines from treadmills and workout station to ping pang tables and computerized gold simulator. It also has game rooms from chess to mahjong games, from Texas Hold’em to billiards tables.

Richardson Executive Health & Recreation Club also has a large corner mirrored room for yoga practice and dancing classes. In addition, the center also has an open area for tai-chi and martial arts activities.

In addition to the facilities and equipment, Richardson Executive Health Club also hosts a series of training programs and seminars on health and longevity related topics by renowned specialists from both western and Chinese traditional medicines.

If you are interested in joining this exclusive private club or want to sign up for any of the training classes the Club offers, please click here to contact us for details or click here to check out our event and activity calendar for more details.