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Activity Center

RIBC’s Executive Activity Center is ideal place for public events from product release to press conference, company celebrations or business or technical trainings, and it is also suitable for exhibiting and showroom activities. The center can also be utilized for private parties or social events for the evenings or weekends.

The Executive Activity Center consists of the following three major facilities, exceeding 10,000 square feet total space:

  1. A large high ceilinged auditorium of approximately 4,000 square feet, with a raised stage for performance, ceremony or speech, plus a designated sound room immediately next to stage;
  2. A large kitchen, serving and dining area of over 2,000 square feet facilities immediately connected to the auditorium;
  3. A large high ceilinged (over 16 feet tall) main lobby of over 4,000 square feet for reception, news conference and social networking activities.
  4. A lightening speed of 20 Gigabit upload and 20 Gigabit download speed of optical fiber connectivity to the facility for any technical training purposes you might have for a large group.

The facility is very conveniently located at Arapaho Road of Central Expressway close to the Arapaho Dart Train Transit Station and there are lots of parking around the building and behind the building.

If you are thinking of hosting a large event or planning a business or technical training or a private event, please click here to contact us for a site tour so that we can address all relevant questions you might have concerning your proposed event.