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About Us

We are a group of international business executives and legal experts from various countries coming together to provide this special platform serving as a unique international business incubator to help businesses from small initial start-ups to big sophisticated companies to better compete in today’s global economy, through the variety of valuable management business services provided by Richardson International Business Center and through the Center’s recommended professional service providers as as RIBC preferred lawyers, CPAs, investment advisors, and insurance agencies, independently.

Abraham Yu

Founder & CEO

Abraham C. Yu, although not a Texas licensed attorney, is a true law scholar and a leading expert on international matters with profound knowledge in many areas of laws, with China business and US immigration laws in particular.

Brian South

General Council

As a trusted advisor for clients’ most sensitive issues, Attorney Brian M. South has a profound impact on the lives of the people and the futures of the businesses he represents.

Austin Mlady

IT Support

Microsoft Certified with 20 years experience in the IT industry, Austin is an expert with computer repair, networking, and web design. Additionaly, Austin is fluent in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS.